Wednesday, March 16

Cheryl ~ Day 75

Today was one of those days that it paid off to not give up.  To stay true to that which I knew could be accomplished.  We sometimes stop when it appears as if things aren't going the way we would like them.  We state the facts and justify why this won't work or maybe why that didn't happen.  However, maybe if we just dig in a little longer, ask for other ways to pursue a situation.  Not be afraid to ask for help or others to step up and to commit to the process then we might change that one thing that all the signs seemed to say wouldn't work out.  In a meeting recently someone implied if this would a great idea someone would have done it already.  I wonder how many time that has been said and then later there it is, and the person that made the comment is wishing they would have pursued it.  Just because nobody has done it doesn't mean its a bad idea or it can't be done.  Follow your gut, take risks and never ever give up. 

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