Sunday, March 13

Cheryl ~ Day 72

We get to decide who we become.  We all come from different places, circumstances and families, however where we end up and the path we take is determined by what we are willing to put into our lives.  There are those that are born into great situations, however, what they do from there is up to the choices they make.  Likewise there are those that are born into less than perfect situations and make choices that shape and change not only their lives, yet those of lives around them.  We may not get to decide where, when and to which family we are born, however we do have the power to make choices and those choices shape our lives.  Each day we can reflect on our day and recognize that what we have done and what we can do differently the next day.  Happiness, success, peace, security are all the result of our choice we make and where we allow life to take us.  In any given moment you can alter the path you are on and redefine where your life is taking you.  Our life wasn’t meant to be lived on cruise control, it was meant to be an interactive course that allows us to navigate the path we are on and where we end up.  This is my inspired thought today.

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Gratitude said...

This is amazing and really inspiring!!