Monday, November 1

It Looks Different When We Get There

"Being a senior in high school is the best.  You are at the top, almost an adult but still get to do all the fun things living at home." ~ Cassie Nordyke

My daughter loved the idea of growing up.  The thought of entering her senior year of high school was filled with enthusiasm and anticipation.  While she is loving this year and all the fun that comes with it there is a different light that is shining that she didn't anticipate.  That of responsibility and of growing up.  With that comes letting go.  The plans of Halloween in our home are always fun, there is a party and trick or treating what is not to love.  Then when she and her friends went out to actually trick or treat the realization that they are too old came in.  The fun of Halloween as a child is behind them until someday they have children.  It is true we live our childhood again in some aspects through our children.  However, this morning she had a look of sadness and the view of being all grown up seemed so different once she started to reach it.  We spend our lives living towards things and miss moments we are living in.  Goals and dreams are so important and we must all have them, however, we have to learn how to live in this moment, love this moment and all it has to offer for it may never be ours again and the one thing my daughter reminded me of is that "It looks different when you get there"
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