Wednesday, November 18

Inspired Giving: A Guy's Perspective

Mike T. wrote in from Chicago about finding the perfect gift for his girlfriend…

"My girlfriend thought I took her for granted. At first, I didn't even know what that meant. Then I thought about it. She cooks me delicious meals. She knows exactly what to say to me when I have a bad day. She even does my laundry sometimes! As you can imagine, after I gave it some thought, I wanted to get her something REALLY special. When I heard about how Waves of Gratitude jewelry reminds people about the importance of expressing gratitude, I KNEW it was perfect. I gave her the yoga wave bracelet, and  told her that it should remind her how grateful I am to have her in my life. Needless to say she loved it! And next time I can get her something else from your collection and she’ll love that too. Thanks!"

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But What Do We Know said...

If you are looking for something and know she loves yoga or is into a piece that displays hope this is the perfect place to find that special piece of jewelry that reminds her everytime she wears it that you know and understand her.