Tuesday, November 17

Care of Your Sterling Silver Waves of Gratitude Jewelry

Proper care will make your Inspired Jewelry from Waves of Gratitude last a lifetime and for generations to come. Whether your favorite piece is the Branches of Hope Pendant or the beautiful Signature Wave, maintain the bright luster of your solid sterling silver by Waves of Gratitude by following five easy steps.

1.    Apply lotions or perfumes BEFORE putting on the sterling jewelry pieces (this is a good idea for any fine jewelry).

2.    Buff and polish your jewelry to remove fingerprints and smudges with soft cotton or other non-abrasive cloth. 

3.    Use a cleaner made specifically for sterling at least twice a year. Follow instructions carefully!

4.    Store your sterling in the exclusive Waves of Gratitude Tarnish-Resistant Pouch. It contains many small particles of silver to inhibit tarnish. 

5.    Use a dry cloth to dry your favorite sterling silver before storing it in the Waves of Gratitude Tarnish-Resistant Pouch or a lined jewelry box.

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