Wednesday, July 14

3 Steps to Inspired Success

Drive and ambition may help us get ahead in our careers or “win” wherever we compete, but motivation often comes from inspiration. Inspired action is a term used by author Deanna Davis in her book, “The Law of Attraction in Action.” (Penguin Group 2008) She states so perfectly that,
“Real and lasting change and success always emerge by first choosing your state and then setting a clear intention for what you want to achieve. They require something more, though, to actually yield results. That ‘something more’ is inspired action.”
We can be busy throughout our days, frantically running from here to there and at the end of the day feel as though we have accomplished nothing. We were busy, no doubt, but were the actions moving us forward or just around in circles? Inspired success comes from inspired action. If each of our actions were purposely made we would surely move around less and accomplish more. Here are three simple steps that just may help you start to make your movement more meaningful and productive and your satisfaction at the end of the day more complete.
  1. Have a plan. It may be a “to-do” list or just a mental note about what is most important to accomplish that day.
  2. Return often to your plan throughout the day. This is a good way to check if the actions you are taking are related to what you had planned for your day. If not, then think about if they should really have a place interrupting that plan and get back on track.
  3.  Review. At the end of the day, take inventory and set priorities for the next day.
This is a method used by many gurus and experts on time management, Law of Attraction, and other types of practices for achieving goals and to help you live the most inspired kind of day.
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